Welcome to the Superscript forum

We all know that Superscript is already the best tool for writing comic books, but that doesn’t mean it can’t get better. Join the discussion to help make Superscript the tool for you. Mostly, I want to know what changes to make in Superscript 2.0, which will add support for iOS, Android and web. If you have ideas, I’d like to hear them. If I have ideas, I’d like to share them here first so you can help me flesh them out.

Beyond improving the next version of Superscript, you can ask for help with the current version, let me know about bugs you might have found, brag about the comics you’ve written using Superscript, or just tell me what a great job I’ve been doing.

If you’re looking to buy or preview Superscript, head over to the Superscript Homepage.

If you have an account on the main site (superscript.app), you will need to sign up to the forum separately. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.