Superscript On Linux

I use (temporarily) a (X)Ubuntu-based OS called GalliumOS, Chromebook. Now, I tried to open a file and it didn’t pull up. When I went to my project folder, I noticed the superscript projects are zip files. So, I extracted the file I was trying to open previously. I got “script.json”.

What can I do to open my files?

Are you trying to open the files from within Superscript or from the file system?

You are correct that .sup files are really just zip archives containing your script in JSON format, and possibly preferences and images. .docx files are similar but use XML instead of JSON.

From within Superscript. Forgot to mention that.

Are you still able to open the file on Windows or Mac? If you’d like, you can send me the file at and I can see whether the file is corrupted or if there’s an issue with the Linux version of the app.

Currently, not able to do it on windows. But, I believe this might be a Linux (Ubuntu) problem. None of my projects are able to open within Superscript. Projects I haven’t even touched since I saved them.
I’ve uninstalled Superscript, hope a re-install works.

Sorry, but I’ve been unable to reproduce this issue on Ubuntu. Unfortunately, I lack the time and resources to test and track down bugs on multiple distros. GalliumOS in particular is difficult because it’s built specifically for Chromebooks, which I don’t have on hand. I will continue to concentrate on Superscript version 2, which will work right in the browser, and therefore should support all operating systems.