Sneak peek at new features?

Can you give us a glimpse of what you’re thinking for key new features in V2???

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Thanks for the question. That’s better than any introduction I’d have come up with.

As I’ve said elsewhere, v2 will support iOS, Android, and work on the web. I had no idea when I started that mobile support was going to be the biggest request by far. Most other planned features are derived from mobile support.

Cloud storage and syncing between devices, because what’s the use having Superscript on your phone and your laptop if you can’t sync your work between them? I don’t know yet whether I’ll be hosting your docs on a Superscript server or use iCloud (like Bear does) or some other cloud storage that would be tied to you. (I think Notion might use Google Drive since they require a Google Account for syncing.)

Since the files will be online anyway, sharing will be much easier. Send your script to your artist, letter, editor and dentist in just a few clicks. No need to export it, just give 'em a link.

Real-time collaboration. This one is far from certain, but if syncing and sharing will be supported, collaboration can’t be too far behind.

Documents -> projects. This isn’t definite (I want to hear feedback about this on the forum), but based on past requests I’d like to save multiple scripts and other documents in a single file (or as a single project in the cloud). This will help you organize your notes, outlines, treatments and multiple drafts of a script.

Friendlier metadata management. Instead of defining variables (draft, issue, etc.) in a YAML-like syntax before the first page of your script, I’ll move the data to a more user-friendly interface. Personally, I’d prefer the YAML style, but that’s because I’m used to it. It’s caused too many bug reports that weren’t really bugs. Lesson learned.

Easier character management. Instead of having to manually list all the characters in your script for autocomplete, the app will see what you’ve used for character headings and include those as well. I may also have a way to link character names in your script to bios in another document in your project. I’m not sure exactly how that would work, but it’s been requested before and I like the idea.

Move speech, panels and pages easier. You can already cut and paste easily in v1 and everything will renumber automatically. But if you could drag and drop, that’d be even better.

Left/right page indicator. Comics are a medium like no other, and as a comic writer, it’s your job to take advantage of that. Seeing that you’re writing a right-hand page (or left-hand if you’re writing manga) is good reminder to set up a page-turn reveal. But much more importantly than that is making sure that your double page spread actually consists of facing pages. Comics typically start on the right-hand page, so all odd pages will be “right” by default. That will be configurable, of course.

Speed improvements. If it’s going to work on a phone, then it has to be lightning fast on desktop. Though it’s been improving over time, v1 still has some issues with speed if you want to write a megalithic script.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh well. What do you want to see?

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Oh wow—the page turn indicator would be huge. what a great idea.

Cloud storage/back-up will be great as well. And as I’ve mentioned to you elsewhere, the ability to use superscript on my iPad will be a game changer.

No ideas for other features at the moment—but i’ll come back to this thread when I do!

The page handedness is such a simple feature that it may find its way into v1.5.

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do you know when we can expect the v1.5 update?

I don’t have any plans for minor updates. I’m kinda waiting to hear reports of bugs, but I haven’t gotten any since the release.

Do you plan on creating any planning tools to help writers outline, world build, and flesh out characters? I’m sure that would also be beneficial for artists.

In the current version of the app, you can create simple outlines (with numbered lists) and notes. I plan on making that easier in v2 by separating those outlines and notes from the rest of the script. I’ve had requests for a character catalog of sorts, where you can put your character descriptions. The character names in your script might link to the corresponding character description. I’m not settled on how that would work, but I find it an intriguing idea because of how it could help artists as well as writers.

Something you can already do in the current version of Superscript is outline your script by page ranges. Say you’re writing a 24-page issue. You could write out four acts with the headings “PAGES 1-6”, “PAGES 7-12”, “PAGES 13-18” and “PAGES 19-24”. Then you can copy that file and and split the acts further into individual pages, and then write panels for those pages. I don’t mean to be prescriptive, but I like doing it that way.

If you know of specific methods for outlining, world building, etc. you’d like Superscript to adopt, please share. Examples from other apps are welcome.