Sluggish Performance in Panel Text

Ever since the latest update I’m experiencing noticeable delays when typing text in panel descriptions. The delay is quite noticeable, similar to the delay in previous versions when beginning to type a character name. It’s not game-breaking but there are times when it makes it hard to get a good typing rhythm going. Can provide a screen-recording of the issue if necessary.

Sorry for the late reply. It shouldn’t have taken 16 days for the forum to notify me about your post. C’est la technologie.

How long is your script in pages and approximate number of panels per page?

Hey Justin, looks like it was an issue with being on the MacOS Beta. Forgot I installed it, but in the latest beta push the issue seems to have resolved itself.

That’s great! Let me know if problem shows up again.

Looks like the issue is presenting itself again.

My scripts are about 36 pages long, between 4 and 6 panels per page. Towards the end of my scripts, performance when typing out sentences is extremely sluggish. There is a delay between typing a word and the word actually popping up on screen that seems to get progressively worse.

I assumed it was an issue with macOS Big Sur beta, but I’m now on the public release and on an M1 MacBook Pro, and still experiencing the sluggishness. The issue doesn’t seem to happen on PC.

I’ve had one other complaint about Superscript’s performance on Big Sur so far. I’m looking into it and will hopefully have a remedy very soon.

It’s certainly not to the point where the app is unusable, but it does get more noticeable the longer I type. Appreciate the update and you being so responsive to your users!