One character talking with many bubbles

When you have a character speak in multiple speech bubbles in a row, how do you write that in your script?

Superscript’s format is based on Blambot’s example of the Van Lent format (at, where the character name is repeated and each is numbered separately:

Another option would be to put the second bubble on a new line without repeating the character name:

Both options are supported in Superscribe 1.x, but the second version is counted as one speech bubble in the app. I think think that version may also be less obvious to the artist and letterer reading the script.

Why am I asking? I’m looking for ways to simplify the syntax in version 2.0. If everyone agrees that the first option meets their needs, then I can make Superscript only support that option. In exchange, we can remove the need to indent dialog, since the app can assume that only the line directly following a character heading is dialog. It’s a question of simplicity+strictness vs complexity+flexibility.

Which do you prefer? Do you use another method? Are there other times you might split speech/narration/captions onto multiple lines?

I just do two separate balloons, but I don’t know if I’ve ever saw a scripts where it’s just on a separate line without the heading. Seems like it be confusing to the reader.

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I currently use separate lines as it is now. I agree with Hedington that it’s less clear not to have the extra heading.

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