Images Not Displaying

I’m having an issue when I insert an image into my script - I get a marker that shows an image has been inserted but no image. This is a bit cumbersome as I like to write a little blurb for the artist that describes my thoughts on each reference image I insert. Am I missing a checkbox to display full images within the editor?

What format is the image in?

I’ve tried both JPG and JPEG (JPEG was by accident)

JPG and JPEG are the same thing, either should work. I’ll look into it.

The issue seems to have fixed itself by starting a new document, but I still have no image preview in the original document. Here’s what I see in my original:

And here’s what I see in the New Document:

The image that is being referenced is the same in both documents.

Glad it’s working now. I haven’t been able to reproduce the problem yet. If you encounter it again, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I too have this problem. I must re-open the software in order to the problem to go away, until it randomly comes back.

I fixed an issue with loading files and images in the latest release, 1.5.4. Are you on that version?