How to show that a page is a splash page automatically?

Hi, I saw in the tutorial that it’s possible to display a splash page flag next to the page number, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how. Could anyone explain?

Thanks in advance!

The automatic panel count only applies when printing or exporting a script to PDF or Word. But it appears that “splash” is not showing up for printing and PDF export (working for Word). That should be an easy fix. In the meantime, you can manually type “(Splash)” below the page heading in your script. Hopefully you don’t have so many splash pages that it’s a real inconvenience.

Thanks! Unfortunately I’m working on a 350ish page script with PLENTY of splash pages.
I can export to word first and then print as pdf, that should be ok I think.

Thank you so much!

Word gives you a lot more control over printing, so that’s a solid plan anyway.

That’s a really long script. Superscript, unfortunately, starts slowing down around the 60-page mark. Until version 2 comes out to fix that issue, you may need to split your script up into multiple files, starting each subsequent file with a forced page number by ending the line in a period, e.g. “PAGE 61.”

Thanks for the tip! I’m actually around page 300 rn and I’m not having any issues.

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