File has changed on disk. Load Changes?

Hi Justin.
I’m getting this error multiple times a day and cannot get rid of it.

Any idea how to fix this?

Just an idea: I had the same a few weeks ago, when using a local folder synced to Dropbox (even lost data because of it). Since I use a folder not auto synced to a cloud, everything works fine.

The good news is that’s not a bug. The bad news is that it shouldn’t be showing when you’re the only one editing the file — clearly very annoying. You’re supposed to see that message if someone else changes the file (via Dropbox for example). I highly recommend saving your files in a directory that’s automatically synced to the cloud, but of course not if it’s causing issues.

I’ll see what I can do about this. In the meantime, does HOK’s suggestion help? Also, do you have autosave turned on by any chance?

thanks guys. yeah its not auto synching to the cloud but it was on autosave. Ive just turned autosave off so will test its and get back to you

i’m also have the same problem as above. Autosave is OFF and it is not autosync’d to the cloud.

I made a change to the latest version of Superscript, v1.5.5, which I hoped would make this problem occur less often.

Since that hasn’t worked, I’m removing the warning altogether. That means if you have the file opened twice (for example, if you’re sharing the file with another computer via cloud storage), you could potentially overwrite previous changes. But at this point, I think the annoyance of the warning appearing when it shouldn’t trumps the possibility of accidentally overwriting your changes.

I’ve removed the warning in the new release, v1.5.6. Let Superscript auto-update or download it from